Take the BowieTest™ Vol. 1 – His Wild Life’s Work

by Peter Wendel
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BowieTest™ Vol. 1 – His Wild Life’s Work

The first volume of the BowieTest™ celebrates the songs of one of rock’s true visionaries – a genre-blending, gender-bending London-born musical genius. It’s hard to find an artist who took more risks than David Bowie, and rock music and its legions of fans are richer for it.

He brought us Ziggy Stardust and Major Tom; concept albums, like Diamond Dogs and Ziggy Stardust; and unforgettable hits like “Space Oddity,” “The Jean Jeanie” and “Let’s Dance.” Bowie brought a new sound and spectacle to rock music in the early-’70s – a boundary-busting energy that the world fed off for more than four decades. He was always fresh, always light years ahead of his time.

The world has been diminished by his passing. Rest in peace, David, you’ve earned it.


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