Take the BruceTest™ Vol. 4 – The River

by Peter Wendel
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BruceTest4Main SongMango.comThe fourth installment of the BruceTest™ collection focuses on the spectacular 1980 double album, The River – an LP that features foot-stomping rockers, like “Ramrod” and “Jackson Cage,” alongside simmering, darker tracks like “Wreck On The Highway,” “Stolen Car” and “Drive All Night.”

BruceTest™ Vol. 4 – The River

This fourth BruceTest™ focuses on the glorious 1980 double album, The River – a master, quintuple-platinum work that travels seamlessly from light to darkness. For example, the album transports the listener from the rollicking humor of “Cadillac Ranch” to the haunting disaster of “Wreck On The Highway” – from the brashness of “Ramrod” to the solemnity of the title track, “The River.” You be challenged to identify fan favorites as well as deeper cuts. Good luck and have fun!


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