Can You Pass the BruceTest™ Vol. 1 – Name That Tune?

by Peter Wendel
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This first BruceTest™ (with more on the way) focuses on identifying songs from Springsteen’s extensive catalog – using a a variety of clues, like isolated instrumental solos and specific lyric references.

Have fun, and maybe even learn something new (heaven forbid) in the process.

Please check back in, early and often, as we will be administering additional volumes of the BruceTest™ as we anxiously await his next tour.


BruceTest™ Vol. 1 – Name That Tune

The first BruceTest™ focuses primarily on identifying songs – from audio containing only a few isolated notes/chords or a solo. Your visual intellect will also be challenged as you are asked to identify specific members of the E Street Band. Good luck, folks!



Bruce Going to Boogaloo Down Broadway

Bruce Springsteen will reportedly play a two-month residency at the Walter Kerr Theatre on Broadway.

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