Sea Of Intranquility (2014)

The Halfways

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I can take mine from you 
Don’t make me say that agayn 

I’ve sent my henchmen your way 
No fear. We’ll come should you stay. 
Innnnn yourrrrrr podddddd 

My wife is not a host 
She won’t birth your alien son 
Peacemakers are not a joke 
They’ll turn you to alien scum 

I’ve sent my love in a vessel for mars 
Dooonttt youuuuu dareeee comee herr wayyy 

Three months in she came to a halt 
Her plane was at fault and it stalled 
And it crashed and it shook up their sands 

I came from satellites far away 
And I know I can’t stay 
But she’s mine so I’ll take her 
And be on my way 

I don’t think so 
I don’t think so…

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