Rollin’ In My Dreams (1975)

Earl Scruggs Review

Album: Anniversary Special Volume 1
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Headed for the open skies of Texas
Out on the long highway in the morning sun
Gonna see my woman in Nogales
She don’t speak much English
But she sure is a lot of fun


And I’m rollin’ in my dreams once again
Goin’ to where the sun always shines
I’m rollin’ in my dreams once again, my friend
And I hope nobody wakes me till I die
Till I die

Met her in a roadhouse down in Clovis
I asked to buy her a drink and she quickly smiled
In dusty cars and pick-up trucks we hitchhiked
All around the southwest
And along the Great Divide


Left her at a truck stop outside Dallas
Brown suitcase, little postcards in her hand
Ever since that day I’ve been a-roamin’
I’m going back to Texas
And there I’ll make my stand.



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