Houston Don’t Dream About Me (2009)

The Black Crowes

Album: Before The Frost...Until The Freeze
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Another week in the drivers seat
With your feet up on the dashboard
Rain it kept a steady beat
As I watch you dream of Houston
How you’re never going back
Yes sir thats a fact
As you wave your cowboy hat
And sang the Yellow Rose of Texas
Just trying to make high ground
Has kept us on the run
There’s no crime in toeing the line
Because vultures are.(?)..on us baby
And we’re gunna walk in the sun

I might dream about Houston
But Houston don’t dream about me
If I can keep it between the lines
Who knows what will be

(?) and motel light
Day old coffee dollar post cards
State troopers flashing lights
As we listen to the thunder
As we talk about our past
So we see our coming future
You tell me you know love can last
While staring out the window
Just lookin’ for
A place to hide
A place to ease our minds
A place away from yesterday
Close to tomorrow
Away from the sorrows
Of living other people’s time

I might dream about houston
But houston don’t dream about me
If I can keep it btwn the lines
Who knows what will be

How long how long
Til we feel a change
How long how long
Will the skies be gray
How long how long
Will it be this way
How long how long
Will she stay?

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