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The WhoTest™ Vol. 2 – Call It in 4 Notes

You’ll be challenged to identify some of The Who’s most popular tracks by listening to just the first few opening notes.

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DNA Source Songs by The Who

He’s got crazy flipper fingers. Lord help his glove maker. The blend of Eastern Zen and Western machine culture is brilliant.

The Who blasts off into a short, manic, wrathful break. The anger and vitriol seem to gush from the pores of their skin.

A hellishly insane scream, among the greatest, then Daltrey brings it back home to “Meet the new boss…”

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Rock Trivia

The WhoTest™ Vol. 1 – Name That Tune

The debut of the WhoTest™ centers on songs from the band’s most celebrated albums, like Who’s Next and Quadrophenia.

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Classic Garage Band Crazy

Madness of the highest order. Don’t hurt yourself.

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