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The ZepTest™ Vol. 2 – Deep Cuts from the Early Years

The second ZepTest™ wades deeper into the band’s catalog from the early years. Causal fans need not apply.

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DNA Source Songs by Led Zeppelin

The pounding choruses echo the interior pounding, the unresolved secret, this… emanation of the heart.

With John Bonham’s big, brazen drumwork leading the charge, “Levee” is a howling, blues-swept vision of the apocalypse.

Blended into a sharp-tasting draft of Rock that’s been fermented into a tasty, spacey brew with a big foamy head.

It is wonderful. It’s marvelous. It is one of the most inventive compositions of Rock’s first golden age. And one of the most exalted.

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The ZepTest™ Vol. 1 – Name That Tune

The first ZepTest™ jumps into the high-flying songbook of the biggest, baddest hard-rock band of the 1970s.

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Even The Big Dogs Need A Break

Hey, hound dog, how does it feel to have fun, fun, fun on the stairway to heaven?

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