Raw Footage: Bruce Rocks the Los Angeles Sports Arena

by Steve Spohn
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BruceFeaturedCheck out raw footage of Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band rocking the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena last Thursday night (March 17). This is how the final two songs of the concert – “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out” and “Shout” – looked from the pit.

Springsteen went on to play the final show at the historic LA Sports Arena, which opened in July of 1959, on Saturday (March 19). The 56-year-old venue is slated to be bulldozed to make way for a new outdoor stadium for the Los Angeles Football Club.

WARNING: View this rough-but-right clip at your own risk. SongMango is not responsible for any injuries sustained during viewing. If you have health issues – such as a heart condition, bum knees or a bad back – or the inability to have fun, you should leave the room immediately.

Before hitting play, we suggest you open all the windows, throw open all the doors and turn it up to 11. If your neighbors call, tell them…YOU’RE JUST A PRISONER OF ROCK-N-ROLL.

Steve Spohn is a former Saturday Night Live and Nickelodeon Television executive. Growing up near Princeton, NJ, led to a musical addiction, with WMMR in Philly and WNEW in NYC providing the daily dose. When not attending or planning to attend Bruce Springsteen concerts, he's plugging away as a screenwriter in Beverly Hills. Reach Steve at SSpohn@SongMango.com.