LISTEN: Vintage 1975 Grateful Dead Studio Recording Re-Surfaces

by Peter Wendel
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GDBluesforAllahHere’s a crisp 1975 studio recording of The Grateful Dead playing “an embryonic version” of the trippy-hypno track “Blues for Allah.” The audio (below) captures a 22-minute, behind-the-scenes instrumental take on a song the band performed live only five times in ’75 and then never again.

As reported by Live For Live Music:

A newly released reel of The Grateful Dead from 1975 has emerged on containing what compiler Alan Bershaw believes “to be the first 1975 Grateful Dead studio session, with the musicians recording an embryonic version of the ‘Blues For Allah’ title track.” The twenty-two-minute recording is fully instrumental, and from the notes, only has the core members of the Dead present on the recording.

The hard copy of the reel was labelled with the notations, “The First Day” and “January,” which are believed to refer to January 1st of 1975 or the Dead’s first recording session during the month or serve as a reference for the band or for Robert Hunter. While the recording has been in circulation before spliced into two parts, this new version remains uncut and of higher sound quality. 

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