Like A Rolling Stone (1965)

Bob Dylan

Written by Bob Dylan
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Dylan brown coat loomingThe New York radio scene was of great help to Bob Dylan when he launched “Like A Rolling Stone” into the consciousness of the world. Columbia Records released the song split up on an A side and B side, each about three minutes long.

As it happened, in 1965, cool cat DJ, Murray “The K” Kaufman, had left Top-40 station WINS to go to fledgeling WCBS-FM where he seamlessly shifted gears from his former oldies show to what he termed “attitude music.”

“Like A Rolling Stone” is about 75 percent attitude. Murray The K played Dylan’s revolutionary song in its entirety, as he did with countless other long album tracks, a strategy that was innovative in Rock programming at a time when the three-minute song was king, prince and duke of the airwaves.

Kaufman started a long period for “Rolling Stone” during which it has been overplayed, dissected, rejected, picked at and picked on, until it simply has to be sent to SongMango’s playlist of immortals, Even The Big Dogs Need A Break. Read more about the Dylan masterpiece there.

  • Dylan himself said that he got the idea for the title and chorus from the Hank Williams song “Lost Highway.” It contains the line, “I’m a rolling stone, I’m alone and lost.”

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