Satisfaction (1965)

The Rolling Stones

Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richard
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Jagger sports carWhen you’re driving round the world and you’re doing this and signing that, you may wonder what happened to “Satisfaction?”

Over-the-top great, and overplayed to within an inch of its long, brash, ingratiating life, “Satisfaction” has become an audio totem that music fans of all ages listen to as if the sounds were coming from Olympus.

Ultimate point behind the song? A guy can’t get laid no matter how hard he tries.

He is wide-open honest about it: “And I try and I try and I try and I try!”

Seriously: how many times can you hear that opening riff in a lifetime? Even a relatively short life?

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  • “Satisfaction” was the first Stones record to go gold.
  • When asked by a listener who called in to the BBC: “Which one of the classic Stones hits are you sick of performing?” Mick Jagger answered: “I’m not sick of any of any of them. I love them all equally – just like my children, they are.”
  • On the same program Jagger commented on the quality of cover versions of “Satisfaction.” “I think Otis Redding’s ‘Satisfaction’ has got to be in there. Aretha Franklin did a quite good version of ‘Satisfaction’ as I recall as well. Erm, and then… after that I can’t remember. Britney Spears did a good version…”


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