Fun Fun Fun (1964)

Beach Boys

Written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love
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Beach boys formalExcept for those living in the biggest of America’s cities, the youthful pleasure of driving around (preferably with someone appealing at your side in the seat next to you) all summer long is woven into the national fabric.

Coming of age thoughts almost always mean car thoughts. “Fun Fun Fun” is old-fashioned enough to appeal to the better angels in us. It’s a free-forming comedy reminiscent of the gooniest TV plots.

Knowing, as we do now, the oppressive, real-life family drama engineered by the Wilson brothers’ tyrannical father, Murry, it’s a wonder any of their songs are half happy.

“Fun Fun Fun” is one of the most unadulterated high-spirited tunes in the American songbook, but it needs more time in the family garage or up on blocks. Hop over to Song Mango’s list of songs – the Big Dogs – that need a break from incessant playing: “Fun Fun Fun” makes the roll with tires squealing.

  • A #5 hit in the U.S.A., it did not chart in England, where the car culture was not quite as entrenched as in America. And let’s face it, they do have short summers.
  • “Fun Fun Fun” caused the final rift with manager/producer father Murry Wilson, who was dismissed when the song, which he vehemently disliked, zoomed to the top.
  • Although it started out as the concert opener for the boys, it has been their concert finale since the late-1970s.

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