RPMissedRockers11_edited-1Rock-N-Roll has always been everyone’s to revel in. Without all of us, there is no genre and there is no music. There is no crazy, full-bodied, never-ending party (heaven forbid). There is no howling at the moon (metaphorically of course, but then again, maybe not).

You – the Rock Populi (the legions of the faithful) – are the ultimate judge of what makes great Rock-N-Roll, and what makes Rock-N-Roll great.

Who do you miss most? Jimi? Jerry? Janis?

At SongMango we believe in the power of the people so we apply a grassroots, bottom-up approach to our focus and coverage. Although we feel as free as any other to speak our mind, we don’t tell you what to think or what to like (in the way some other top-down industry “experts” and “critics” do).

You tell us what’s great and what isn’t. We’re listening (despite our giant, stone, Easter Island heads). Please share your thoughts, your rants and raves in this unique “tell us how you really feel” forum.

Suggest A DNA Source Song

These Elite Songs Breathe Greatness Into Rock-N-Roll

Start the debate. Our mission is to identify and celebrate the best Rock-N-Roll songs of all time. Please nominate one.

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Your Greatest Concert Experience

Live Music Can Take You to the Top of the Mountain

The live performance is where the real Rock-N-Roll magic happens. Tell us about the show that changed everything.

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Who Do You Miss Most?

The Rock-N-Roll Lifestyle Takes Its Toll

There’s no crying in Rock-N-Roll, but we do miss the members of the tribe who died along the way.

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Make Your Own Playlist

Light Us Up with a Collection of Your Favorite Songs

Play DJ for a minute, and serve up a platter of great Rock-N-Roll songs for the faithful. We’ll publish the best stuff (with attribution and gratitude).

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Who Will Be the Next Big Band?

Nirvana Showed Up in the Late-'80s and Saved Rock

Where’s the new band that will blow our collective mind, and make us fall in love with Rock-N-Roll all over again?

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The Allman Brothers' Best Song?

That's Like Trying to Pick Your Favorite Child

Nobody said it was gonna be easy to pick just one, but dig out your Allmans collection – and raise the roof.

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