Summer’s Almost Gone (1968)

The Doors

Waiting For The Sun
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Leave it to Jim Morrison to turn summer into an occasion for a dirge.

Yet, “Summer’s Almost Gone” is the most beautifully haunting of all songs of the sunny season. The Doors capture the mystical aspects of seasons revolving, planets moving through space and time. “Calmly unaware” is part of the lyric, but “calmly” seems like it might mean “eerily.” 

It appears on Waiting For The Sun, an album that featured the #1 hit “Hello, I Love You,” and another impressive single “Love Street,” a song that seems to have fallen free from Kurt Weill’s Threepenny Opera. Most of the album is moody to the downbeat side. So, “Summer’s Almost Gone” is of a piece with the whole.

It sounds as if we are listening to the moment when the serpent first slithered over to Adam and Eve with his hissing, lisping propositions. After summer, everyone is headed for a fall.

Summer’s almost gone 
Summer’s almost gone 
Almost gone 
Yeah, it’s almost gone 
Where will we be 
When the summer’s gone? 

Morning found us calmly unaware 
Noon burn gold into our hair 
At night, we swim the laughin’ sea 
When summer’s gone 
Where will we be 
Where will we be 
Where will we be