Sea of Intranquility (2014)

The Halfways

The Halfways (EP)
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The easy-peezy take on The Halfways’ brilliant psychedelic ballad is to say they’re influenced by The Beatles, yada yada. OK, they are.

But what you’re actually hearing – whether The Halfways themselves have listened directly – are the influences of San Francisco ’60s groups like Blue Cheer (in particular) and Quicksilver Messenger Service. SongMango treats with them on our San Francisco Playlist. 

You can also pick up the threads of a song by another Bay group from the first golden era of psychedelia: “Coming Back To Me,” by Jefferson Airplane. We say “first golden era” to distinguish it from the current, second golden era – because psychedelia is alive and out there. Way out there.

The Halfways share with those groups, a leisurely pacing that has hints of eroticism, mysticism, and a craftily contained strain of alienation. At first glance, the lyrics are odd, verging on being off putting, until the metaphor is grasped.

My wife is not a host 
She won’t birth your alien son 
Peacemakers are not a joke 
They’ll turn you to alien scum 

But you’ll listen to the song for the drenching music, its trippy mood, a sort of an aurora borealis of sound filled with gorgeous, restrained guitar phrases and a slow, intermittent syncopation.

OK, The Beatles again – John Lennon’s voice seems to live forever. And here it is again on “Sea.” Enough said.

Once done with this space journey with The Halfways, get back to Earth with their sweet Folkadelic number, “Max Yasgur’s Farm.” Yes… the same farm.  We are still stardust.