School Is Out (1961)

Gary U.S. Bonds

Dance 'til Quarter to Three
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Gary “U.S.” Bonds’ “School Is Out” contains all the joyous anarchy but none of the angry vehemence of Alice Kooper’s “School’s Out (Forever)” The song swings, it rocks, it jives, it plays, it captures youth in all its ragged, jagged glory.

No more books and studies
And I can stay out late with my buddies
I can do the things that I want to do
‘Cause all my exams are through

I can root for the Yankees from the bleachers
And don’t have to worry ’bout teachers
I’m so glad that school is out
I could sing and shout!

“School Is Out” (1961) grew out of the mad good Philly music scene of the early ’60s. It makes an allusion to Daddy G., Gene Barge, saxophonist for Bonds whom the star knew from days spent in Norfolk, Virginia.

You want to clap your hands, shuffle and move your feet and celebrate the freedom of summer? Take a listen to Bonds, Daddy G. and “School Is Out.”

School is out…
That’s great!
Let’s celebrate!
With a little bit of soul now!
Oh yeah!
The party’s here!