Look-Ka Py Py (1969)

The Meters

Look-Ka Py Py
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Look no further for the origins of Rap and Hip-Hop. You’ve found them. Yes, the year is 1969 and yes, the conventional wisdom is that Rap rose from the streets of The Bronx or L.A. in the late-’70s, but New Orleans had it first.

The percussive mouth sounds; the strolling, lolling beats; the guitar grooves (once mixed well forward in these kinds of older Funk tracks); a chorus of non-verbal harmonies… they’re all present in “Look-Ka Py Py.”

“You can celebrate anything you want,” The Beatles sang in “I Dig A Pony.” In the same song they also sang, “You can syndicate any boat you row…” Consider this song syndicated and celebrated. A good song to start getting busy to.

The Meters pulled in all the influences NOLA had to offer in ’69 and tumbled them together to create this easy-going, sexy song. And, they played their own instruments and didn’t track and triple track or call on a computer. Indeed, “Look-Ka Py Py” is still being sampled today. The band is as tight as… you pick your metaphor.