Hey Pocky A-Way (1974)

The Meters

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“Hey Pocky A-Way” issues from Rejuvenation, the second album The Meters did for Reprise Records and you can hear them continue on their path towards more complex rhythms, arrangements and inclusion of L.A. Funk and Jazz. Lowell George, the original maestro for Little Feat, once of Frank Zappa’s musical carnival, plays on a different cut from Rejuvenation. It’s hard to know if The Meters influenced George or he them, or just how reciprocal the collaborations were.

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Still, the ever-present sense of fun – the attitude that says “Let’s party tonight and cure the hangover and STDs tomorrow” – remains front and center. It’s cut from the same cloth as their earlier big tunes on this list, and classics like The Dixiecups’ “Iko Iko.”

There’s a bit of story in the song. A very little bit. What exactly they need “rejuvenation for is unclear.” They seem to be doing just fine. For lyrics, click Read More. 

Live a boy with a heart of steel
He can’t move it now
But his sister sure will
Feel good music
I’ve been told
Good for the body
And it’s good for your soul
You can do it now
Hey hey hey
Hey pocky a-way
I’m back grooving
Right in the car
It don’t make no difference where you are
Feel good music
In your soul
Make your body
Do the slow boogie roll
Hey hey hey
Hey pocky a-way