Cissy Strut (1969)

The Meters

The Meters
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The Meters are like a big muffaletta of Funk. Bite into either end, or start from the middle.

“Cissy Strut” was one of their first well-known numbers. “Cissy” in this case does equal “sissy.” Apparently in gay-oriented nightclubs of New Orleans in the early and mid-1960s, there was a dance that included the flailing of the arms and booty shaking. (Like the Nite Cap club on the corner of Louisiana and Carondelet.) The African American community, then the general white community, imitated it but not in a pejorative way. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

You can hear and feel the whole Mississippi River in “Cissy Strut.” The hesitating funkiness is home-grown. The repeating lead guitar line exudes the Blues. The organ riffs are pure Memphis soul. A great instrumental. Flail those arms.