Black Summer Rain (1976)

Eric Clapton

No Reason To Cry
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Not every day of summer is sun-drenched with crystal clear air and bright blue waters. Eric Clapton explored unusual summer emotions in “Black Summer Rain,” a slow, slow ballad filled with regret and wonderment at lost love.

It pops up on one of the guitar god’s more eccentric albums, No Reason To Cry from 1976. On it appear Bob Dylan, who contributes “Sign Language.” And all the members of The Band participate at some juncture.

In fact, on “Black Summer Rain,” Eric channels the lonesome whippoorwill vocal style of Rick Danko and some trademark guitar styling from Robbie Robertson.

Where is the sun?
The sun that used to shine on me
Where has it gone?
Or is it just a memory? 

I looked through the window
Staring at the sky
Waiting for a moment
That always passed me by

Black summer rain
Black summer rain
Black summer rain is falling on me, girl.

You might want to put your convertible top up for this one and grab the nearest umbrella. There are still dark corners in barrooms in summertime.