Bruce Going to Boogaloo Down Broadway

by Steve Spohn
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Image courtesy of Steve Spohn

Bruce Springsteen will play a two-month residency at the Walter Kerr Theatre on Broadway starting in November, according to New York Post theatre writer Michael Riedel.

Springsteen’s Broadway run will feature shorter sets than his world-renowned trademark shows, which can extend three sometimes even four hours into the night. The concerts will likely be acoustic-based, with Bruce adding supplemental musicians during different points of the show.


Walter Kerr Theatre

So how will the residency play out? The Post reveals that Springsteen will play five days a week. It remains unclear if there will be two shows on any day, something the Boss hasn’t done in years.

In fact, Bruce doesn’t play back-to-back nights anymore, though that’s with a big rock show (with the E Street Band). He is, after all, 67 years old. Bruce may feel it won’t be an issue to perform shortened acoustic shows back to back. We’ll see.

Springsteen has had a solo album ready for release for nearly two years. No word if these Broadway shows are tied to that new material, but it seems highly likely.

After the residency, look for Bruce to do a full-blown theatre tour around the country. While the national tour is more tentative than the upcoming Broadway shows, there’s little chance Bruce plays just two months and packs it in.

So let’s form a line – and get ready to Boogaloo down Broadway with Bruce.

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