The NeilTest™ Vol. 5 – Live Performances

by Peter Wendel
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NeilTest5Main2The fifth installment of the NeilTest™ is all about the “live performance,” which is, of course, where the real artistry and magic happens. We all love studio tracks, but live performances are what we live for. As true rock-n-roll super-fans, we just can’t get enough.

To pass the fifth volume of the NeilTest™ collection, you’ll need to possess a deep familiarity with Neil’s live work. This test focuses on live song performances from albums including Live Rust (1979), Weld (1991), Year Of The Horse (1997) and Dreamin’ Man Live ’92 (2009).

Good luck, folks! Enjoy the ride.


NeilTest™ Vol. 5 – Live Performances

The fifth volume of the NeilTest™ centers on live performances of some of the most treasured songs from Mr. Young’s eclectic catalog. We all love studio tracks, but we live for live music. As true rock-n-roll super-fans, we just can’t get enough.

To receive a passing grade on this test, you’ll need to possess a deep familiarity with Neil’s live work. Get ready to identify live song performances from albums including Live Rust (1979), Weld (1991), Year Of The Horse (1997) and Dreamin’ Man Live ’92 (2009).

Roll up your sleeves, because it’s time to get busy. Good luck – or you may be so damn good you don’t need it.


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