Take The RockTest™ Vol. 2 – Deep Cuts from the ’60s

by Peter Wendel
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ElectricGuitarRockTest2 SongMango.comHere’s the second installment of the RockTest™ collection – a completely unscientific assessment of your familiarity with “deep cuts” from the genre’s Golden Era of the 1960s.

This second volume goes way beyond the Top-40 hits of the decade, wading far and deep into the brilliant rock catalog of the ’60s. There is certainly no shortage of brilliant songs from the explosive decade that witnessed the rise of immensely influential artists and bands, like The Rolling Stones, Jefferson Airplane, Sly And The Family Stone, The Velvet Underground, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Aretha Franklin and Creedence Clearwater Revival. The list goes on and on.

Good luck, and dig deep!


RockTest™ Vol. 2 – Deep Cuts from the ’60s

Welcome to the second volume of the RockTest™ and congratulations to all you rock-n-roll super fans who crushed volume one. Be warned, the second installment is much more challenging than the first. The debut of the RockTest™ merely dipped our collective toe into the river of music from the 1960s while the second volume takes a deep dive – a plunge into the watery depths.

Shake out the cobwebs and put on your thinkin’ cap. Here we go!


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