Take The RockTest™ Vol. 1 – The Best of the 1960s

by Peter Wendel
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RockTestFeatured1 SongMango.comIf you consider yourself a rock-n-roll fan (you know who you are), here’s a very informal – and completely random – opportunity to test your knowledge of the greatest musical genre on the planet.

This first installment of the RockTest™ focuses on what has been called the genre’s Golden Era – the 1960s – the period when rock found its wings, took off and never looked back. The ’60s was a decade jammed with war, unrest, rebellion, protest, suppression, liberation (think drugs and sex) – culminating in earth-tilting cultural evolution. And rock-n-roll music was there every painful and pleasurable step of the way – inciting, soothing, freeing, hoping.

RockTestFeatured SongMango.comLet’s be honest, we’re all better for it.

If you’re a rock fan, not knowing the 1960s is like an English literature buff not knowing Shakespeare. It’s unheard of. The 1960s is when rock-n-roll really found its footing and established itself as a force to be reckoned with.

The breadth and scope of the music was the rock-n-roll equivalent of Noah’s Ark gone mad – everybody came aboard (e.g., folk, blues, country, soul, funk, gospel, jazz) and the cross-pollination was rampant. From Elvis to Led Zeppelin from Chuck Berry to Creedence Clearwater Revival from Otis Redding to Jimi Hendrix from Bob Dylan to The Byrds, this first volume of the RockTest™ will check your familiarity with the greatest songs from one of the most important and sweeping decades in rock history.

Although there will be additional volumes of the RockTest™ to cover the 1960s – because it simply can’t be done in one fell swoop – this first installment will dip our toes into the river of rock music that came gushing out of that magical decade.


RockTest™ Vol. 1 – The Best of the 1960s

Welcome to the maiden voyage of the RockTest™ where you will be challenged to flash back to the Golden Era of the genre – the 1960s – and show what you know!

Since we are SongMango, our test will focus specifically on identifying the greatest songs of the ’60s. It is your ear that will be challenged – let’s say your listening skills. You won’t need to know facts surrounding the songs as much as you will need to identify them through audio snippets of isolated instrumental solos or vocals. You will need to feel the music.

From Elvis to Led Zeppelin from Chuck Berry to Jimi Hendrix from Bob Dylan to The Byrds, this first volume of the RockTest™ will assess your familiarity with one of the most important and sweeping decades in rock history.

Shake out the cobwebs and put on your thinkin’ cap. Here we go!


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