Take The PettyTest™ Vol. 1 – Big Cuts from the 1970s

by Peter Wendel
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We’re launching the PettyTest™ collection by wading knee-deep into the heart of the artist’s sparkling song book from the ’70s. We start at the beginning – opening with Petty’s 1976 self-titled debut; hitting You’re Gonna Get It! (1978); and then moving quickly on to the 1979 masterpiece, Damn The Torpedoes. Not a bad little early-day catalog.

It’s about time we gave Tom Petty the nod. Now roll up your sleeves, put on your thinkin’ cap and turn it way the fuck up!


PettyTest™ Vol. 1 – Big Cuts from the 1970s

The very first volume of the PettyTest™ dips our collective big toe into the artist’s shimmering pool of songs from the 1970s. You’ll need to have carnal knowledge of Petty’s early works – starting with his 1976 self-titled debut album; running through 1978′s You’re Gonna Get It! and finishing with his 1979 masterpiece, Damn The Torpedoes. How hard can that be?

Have fun! There’s nothing better than Petty turned up loud on a long summer night. True?


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