Take The DeadTest™ Vol. 19 – Snow, Cold, Wind & Rain

by Peter Wendel
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Garcia in '85 [photo: Rosie McGee]

Garcia in ’85 [photo: Rosie McGee]

Since a large swath of the country is digging out from under deep powder, the 19th installment of the DeadTest™ focuses on “snow songs” from the band’s repertoire (both live and studio tracks). To be slightly more precise, we’re talking about songs that contain words like “snow,” “cold,” “wind” and “rain.” It’s definitely harder than it sounds.

In addition to providing good clean family fun, we hope this DeadTest™ will offer folks a well-earned break from the shoveling. I know my back is already sore. If you can still lift your arms, please pass the Jameson.


DeadTest™ Vol. 19 – Snow, Cold, Wind & Rain

This 19th volume of the DeadTest™ collection (with more to come) is dead-icated to all those folks who are snowed in under two feet of powder. You should be in the right frame of mind for identifying songs that contain wintery words like snow, cold, wind and rain.

Put the damn shovel down for a second and take the DeadTest™.


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