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StonesTest™ Vol. 10 – Gimme Shelter

The 10th StonesTest™ takes a deep dive into the apocalyptic classic, “Gimme Shelter.”

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It's All Over Now

John Lennon told Keith his guitar solo sucked. Springsteen says it is brilliant. Chuck Berry loved the update of his sound.


The guitar-shredding version of “Just My Imagination” thrashes the beautiful-dreamer, rose-colored classic by The Temptations.

Cant you hear me knocking main

The drug-soaked year of 1971 whipped up a frenzy in Jagger’s voice as he chases a girl as hip and high as he is.

Brian jones sitar square main

A tangle of eastern and western music coupled with African dance and drum rhythms and a tale often told.

Salt of the earth men

“Let’s think of the wavering millions who need leading but get gamblers instead.” Some songs grow truer and truer.


Apocalyptic in its vision and epic in scope, “Sympathy” is a raucous, primal masterpiece.

“Dead Flowers” stands at the intersection where the British Invasion meets Bakersfield (the epicenter of West Coast country music).


The ultimate point behind the song? A guy who can’t get laid no matter how hard he tries. And he tries, and he tries!

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StonesTest™ Vol. 9 – Which Song Is That?

The ninth StonesTest™ challenges you to identify specific tracks from a variety of clues.

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StonesTest™ Vol. 8 – World’s Greatest Rock-n-Roll Band

The eighth StonesTest™ assesses your overall knowledge of “the World’s Greatest Rock-n-Roll Band.”

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Take The StonesTest™ Vol. 7 – What’s the Next Line?

The seventh StonesTest™ plumbs the depths of your lyric knowledge. If you know every word to every Stones’ tune, you’ll do just fine.

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Take The StonesTest™ Vol. 6 – Exile on Main St

The sixth installment of the StonesTest™ takes on the raunchy, drug-addled 1972 double album, Exile On Main St.

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The StonesTest™ Vol. 5 – Let It Bleed

The fifth StonesTest™ focuses on the band’s brilliant 1969 album, Let It Bleed.

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Take The StonesTest™ Vol. 4 – The 1970s

The fourth StonesTest™ focuses on the wild, reckless days of the 1970s when the band produced some of its finest material.

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