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The Very First Dose of LSD

April 16, 1943 is a day that lives in both infamy and ecstasy – forever changing the face of Rock-N-Roll and its fan base.

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DNA Source Songs by Cream

“Brew” has the power of succinctness. No roving and rambling here. Economy is everything, clocking in at well under 3 minutes.

cream 1967

When you care enough to send your psychedelic best, send “Sunshine Of Your Love.”

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The Electric Kool-Aid Acid List

In the words of Dr. Timothy Leary, “turn on, tune in, drop out.”

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Altamont 1969, Revisited

Altamont – the end of an era, as it has been unceasingly ballyhooed – is seared onto the world’s mind. But it was a blip, not an apocalypse.

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From The Floor

Recreating Sizzling JGB Shows

If you’re a Jerry fan, John K and The D.C. Mystery Cats are as good as it gets, nearly 20 years after the death of The Dead’s magical frontman.

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Rollin’ Down The Tracks

Strangers on a train, the lonesome whistle, the romance, the pain… Here’s our piston-poppin’ list.

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House Party: Dead Play in the Yard

In the summer of ’71, The Grateful Dead play one of their most exotic gigs – in the backyard of an 18th century château.

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Rock Isn’t Dead. Its Critics Are.

Rock is dead? Sales of Rock music have been incredibly stable over the last 45 years. By some measures, the genre is more alive than ever.

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