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Take The BruceTest™ Vol. 9 – Name that Tune in 3 Notes

The ninth BruceTest™ challenges you to identify classic Springsteen songs by listening to just the first opening notes or chords.

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bruce square main promised

How about a national anthem that’s easy to sing, one that makes you stand up without being told to?

Thunder road bruce clarence main

“Thunder Road” very well may be the greatest Rock-N-Roll song of the 1970s and one of the greatest Rock songs of all time.


We are all very much alone in the spiritual sense and the soul’s hunger is part of our condition as humans.

Im Goin Down Single Cover

Springsteen’s ability to work within the great Rock tradition but still expand its boundaries is one of his greatest gifts.

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Take The BruceTest™ Vol. 8 – The River Box Set

The eighth installment of the BruceTest™ dives into Springsteen’s new box set – a collection with plenty of previously unreleased material.

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SpringsteenBruceTest7 SongMango.com_edited-2
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The BruceTest™ Vol. 7 – Deep Cuts From the ’80s

The seventh installment of the BruceTest™ dives deep into Springsteen’s catalog from the ’80s. This one has been calibrated for the super-fan.

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The BruceTest™ Vol. 6 – The Ballads

The sixth BruceTest™ takes on Springsteen’s ballads – the slow ones that can break your heart if you let them.

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Take the BruceTest™ Vol. 5 – The Rising

The fifth BruceTest™ is dedicated to the brave men and women of France – proud people rising up as one against evil and hate.

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Bruce to Announce Three-Month Tour with E Street Band

It’s setting up to be an extra happy holiday season for Bruce fans.

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Take the BruceTest™ Vol. 4 – The River

The fourth installment of the BruceTest™ focuses on the phenomenal 1980 double-album, The River.

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