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DylanTest™ Vol. 5 – All Along the Watchtower

The fifth DylanTest™ explores the legendary artist’s dark, foreboding track “All Along the Watchtower.”

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DNA Source Songs by Bob Dylan
Ballad thin man featured

A wild, morose piece – good background music against which you might throw yourself off the nearest bridge.

Bob Dylan young

An appeal to human virtue, a sense of right and wrong – a quest for human rights on every level – render the song immortal.

My Back chubby main

The classic is transformed from Folk-song period piece into a grand work of art forged live in the furnace of New York.

Johanna Dylan Ginsberg Main

The song’s abstract impressionism remains a landmark moment when Rock emerged from the egg of Rock-N-Roll.

Dylan sunglasses

A worshipped icon, held aloft and offered as proof – of what, you can never tell.

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DylanTest™ Vol. 4 – Which Song Is That?

The fourth DylanTest™ focuses on tracks from the musician’s early catalog – the mid-’60s through the mid-’70s.

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Take The DylanTest™ Vol. 3 – Blood On The Tracks

This third DylanTest™ focuses on the extraordinary 1975 album, Blood On The Tracks – one of the very finest works from America’s premier rock poet.

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Can You Pass DylanTest™ Vol. 2?

The latest installment of the DylanTest challenges your ear and your eye – not to mention your longterm memory.

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Can You Pass DylanTest™ Vol. 1 – Name That Tune?

Test your knowledge of one of America’s most influential artists of all time – the original rock poet who gave a voice to so many.

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From The Floor

MusiCares 2015: Heavy-Hitters Perform Dylan’s Best

Heavy-hitters – like Bruce Springsteen, Jack White, Sheryl Crow and CS&N – turned out to cover some of Dylan’s greatest tunes.

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Even The Big Dogs Need A Break

Hey, hound dog, how does it feel to have fun, fun, fun on the stairway to heaven?

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