July 12, 1976: The Dead’s Soundcheck at the Orpheum Theatre

by Peter Wendel
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The Dead in ’76

Here’s pro-shot color footage of The Grateful Dead’s sweet soundcheck at San Francisco’s Orpheum Theatre on July 12, 1976 – exactly 40 years ago today.

The video (below) offers a behind-the-scenes look at the rejuvenated band – just five weeks after returning from their much-needed touring hiatus (which spanned much of 1975 through the spring of ’76). It’s a laid-back scene with Jerry and Donna sporting dark shades, and one of the roadies running around onstage checking the equipment (no doubt to get everything just exactly perfect).

JerryStealYourFace SongMango.comIt’s obvious from the footage that The Dead are honing their skills and polishing their transitions on the way to possibly the best-played year (1977) of their three-decade touring run. You get a good look at Jerry working his white super-slick Travis Bean guitar.

The boys (and girl) seem able to catch fire very quickly – almost effortlessly – from a complete standstill. It’s fantastic to see the band in such good form. Enjoy!

July 12, 1976
Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco, CA

Dancin’ In The Streets (00:01), They Love Each Other (12:07), The Music Never Stopped (x2) (18:30), Stella Blue (x7) (27:26), Let It Grow jam (48:32), Eyes Of The World (50:15)

A very special thanks to voodoonola for posting this video on YouTube.

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