Interview: Bruce Talks About His Live Shows, His Dad and Fighting Depression

by Peter Wendel
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Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-1988-0719-38,_Bruce_Springsteen,_Konzert_in_der_DDRIn the wake of his recently released memoir, Born to Run, here’s Bruce Springsteen giving a brutally honest and eye-opening interview to David Remnick of The New Yorker.

You’ll hear details about Bruce’s life (revealed in the autobiography) that will surprise even the most well-informed fans.

Here’s how The New Yorker Radio Hour sets up the interview:

Bruce Springsteen, an American music legend for more than four decades, recently published his autobiography, “Born to Run.” David Remnick calls it “as vivid as his songs, with that same pedal-to-the-floor quality, and just as honest about the struggles in his own life.” Springsteen tells Remnick how, as a young musician gigging around New Jersey, he decided to up his game: “I’m going to have to write some songs that are fireworks … I needed to do something that was more original.”

They talked for more than an hour about Springsteen’s tortured relationship with his father, his triumphant audition for the legendary producer John Hammond, and his struggles with depression. As Springsteen explains it, his tremendously exuberant concert performances were a form of catharsis: “I had had enough of myself by that time to want to lose myself. So I went on stage every night to do exactly that.”

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