Hail Americana: Trigger Hippy Rises Up Rocking

by Bridgid Tatlow
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TriggerHippyGroupOnly on very rare occasions does an album feel simultaneously wholesome and illicit, but Trigger Hippy’s self-titled debut has done just that.

The Supergroup: (from left) Bukovac, Gorman, Govrik, Osborne and Greene

Hailed by Rolling Stone as Americana Fest’s best supergroup, the band’s stacked lineup features Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman and guitarist Jackie Greene, singer Joan Osborne (who has worked with The Dead and Phil & Friends), session guitarist Tom Bukovac and bassist Nick Govrik.

TriggerHippyCoverTrigger Hippy, released September 30th, features a deep, diverse arrangement of songs and styles. The album is a true exploration in brilliantly crafted American roots music.

Rather than diving whole-hog into any one traditional style or form, the band rather decides to dip its toe into each – creating a multifaceted style that is both wonderfully familiar and brand spanking new.

"Rise Up Singing," the Gospel-rich ballad that was the album’s premiere release, features a stunning give-and-take between Jackie and Joan’s strong voices. Vocal attitude to burn. The song is a catchy, loving slice of the album’s entire aesthetic (which is probably why it was released before the 30th). You can't turn this one up loud enough.

Rise Up Singing

The second song on the album, "Turpentine," opens with crisp guitar riffs that edge into Joan mimicking them with a raw and raspy voice in the background. From there, harmonies are released and the Rock ensues.


"Tennessee Mud" shines as one of the most Rock-influenced tracks – with hints of Country and Blues rounding out the sound. We all have to get out and roll in the mud sometimes.

Tennessee Mud

The quick yet loose guitar jams in the opening of "Pocahontas" lead into Joan’s voice releasing a sassy, soulful sound. Songs such as "Heartache on the Line," "Adelaide" and "Pretty Mess" balance out the album with some slow, soothing summer jams.

Here's a nice deep cut, possibly the sleeper of the album:

Cave Hill Cemetery – Joan gets the heater going 

Trigger Hippy has a song for every mood, every feeling. No emotion is left unturned. It will make you rock, sway, groove, and move in every way in between. Go roll around and have a little fun.

Purchase Trigger Hippy here.

Bridgid Tatlow, a recent Fordham grad, pulls double duty as an intern at Relix magazine and a Team Leader at HeadCount, the nonprofit voter registration group. When she’s not working her tail off, Bridgid spends time fantasizing about what to say to the brilliant music man Jackie Greene when their paths cross. She is madly in love with the long strange trip that her life thus far has been, and enjoys nothing more than letting her hair down, throwing her hands up, and listening to live music.