Gregg Allman Cancels String of Shows Citing “Serious Health Issues”

by Peter Wendel
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Gregg Allman 1975 [source: Wikipedia]

Gregg Allman, 68, has cancelled all scheduled performances through October 16th, citing “serious health issues.”

According to a statement released August 5th, Allman is currently under his doctor’s care at the Mayo Clinic. No further details were provided as to what exactly ails him.

Allman has cancelled 27 appearances in all – beginning with The Peach Music Festival in Scranton, PA, on August 12th and continuing through the Clearwater Jazz Festival on October 16th.

If all goes as planned, Gregg will return to the stage at his Laid Back Festival on October 29th in Atlanta. He also plans to perform a string of 10 shows – starting November 6th – at the City Winery in New York City. Those dates remain firm.

According to Allman’s statement:

“I want to thank my fans and friends for supporting me while I rest up and focus on getting better and back on the road as soon as I can. I’ve been working hard with my band, my pride and joy, to play music for everyone. We’ll see y’all in October.”

LaidBackFestivalThis isn’t the first time Allman has dealt with health problems. In 2007, he was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, allegedly from a dirty tattoo needle. In 2008, doctors found tumors on his liver, which led to a transplant in 2010. The following year, Allman cancelled part of European tour due to an upper-respiratory condition that eventually required in lung surgery. In 2012, he checked into rehab for drug-addiction issues tied to his health problems.

We all hope Gregg has a quick recovery. Good luck and godspeed speed.

Read Gregg Allman’s statement in its entirety here.

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