Footage: The Grateful Dead in ’67 – Dancing in the Street

by Peter Wendel
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TheDead1967 SongMango.comHere’s a glimpse at the epicenter of the 1960′s counterculture movement – the people, the diversity, the disparity, the abandon, the tension, the liberation, the music, the clothes, the sunglasses, the facial hair (check Phil’s Fu-Manchu and Bill’s shockingly clean shave). All that packaged up in a 4-minute flashback of footage (see below) that seems to capture the vibe of the time and place (though born in San Jose, I was only 13 months old at the time and, unfortunately, couldn’t scrape together the bus fare).

Behold The Grateful Dead on April 9, 1967, cutting loose in the Panhandle, a park in San Francisco adjacent to the more widely recognized Golden Gate Park. Jerry works his red Guild Starfire, a hollow-body guitar that he first used with The Warlocks. The band plays “Dancing In The Street” – a cover of the 1964 Motown classic written by William “Mickey” Stevenson, Ivy Jo Hunter, and yes, the incomparable Marvin Gaye.

As far as the setlist goes, the DeadBase says simply: “started at third floor flat, Haight Street.” Gotta love it.

Another very special thanks to voodoonola for posting this video on YouTube.

April 9, 1967 – Panhandle, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA

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