Footage ’87: Garcia and Santana Burn Up “Fire On The Mountain”

by Peter Wendel
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Garcia.SantanaHere’s a real treat – one bound to put a big smile on your face. Guitar heroes Jerry Garcia and Carlos Santana join Mickey Hart and a sea of African percussionists to lay down a huge performance of “Fire On The Mountain.”

The big, bouncing carnival scene takes place at a February 1987 benefit for World Music in Schools at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Petaluma, CA. As far as I can tell, here’s the primary personnel onstage for “Fire On The Mountain”:

Jerry Garcia (guitar, vocals)
Carlos Santana (guitar)
Mickey Hart (drums)
Baba Olatunji (drums)
Hamza el Din (tar)
Bobby Vega (bass)

Good clean fun with an energized Garcia delivering a strong vocal performance and a soaring solo at 1:55. Not to be outdone, Carlos lays down a burner at 3:45 that dumps gas on the fire. Heading into the close, the dueling exchanges between the two are absolutely priceless. Uncle Jer is definitely feelin’ it (check the video at 7:00). Although the sound leaves a little something to be desired, this is not-to-be-missed footage.

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