The more you know, the better the show

The live performance is where the real Rock-N-Roll magic happens. If it’s live, it’s a slaphappy throw-down, a raucous jubilee, an untethered celebration that can levitate the venue and everyone in it. Artist and audience connect at a tribal, almost religious, level – feeding hungrily off each other, igniting fire and brimstone…turning water into wine.

To build your base or just fill in a few blanks, here’s the dope on some of the best touring acts around, and all you need to make the most of the show(s). The best advice we can offer is get out on tour and bask in the majesty of Rock-N-Roll the way the gods intended.


Invading One Last Time

It’s been 47 years since The Who invaded America, becoming a huge hit after a kick-ass performance at 1967’s Monterey Pop Festival.

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Jack White Lazaretto

JW Steps Out with Lazaretto Tour

Don’t miss Jack White on his 37-stop tour, promoting his second solo album, Lazaretto. He’s on the road June 25-Nov. 19.

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To the Limit – One More Time

The Eagles soar into a venue near you, May 2014-March 2015. Get your mirrors on the ceiling and pink champagne on ice.

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The Mega-Lineup of a Lifetime

This very well could be the best lineup in the history of the jam-band festival circuit. Come and get it in Arrington, VA, Sept. 4-7.

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