Can You Pass the BeatlesTest™ Vol. 2 – Deeper Cuts?

by Peter Wendel
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TheBeatlesTest2 SongMango.comCongratulations! As we expected, you all did quite well on the first volume of the BeatlesTest™ collection. You got the easy part out of the way. In a desperate effort not to insult your intelligence (any further), Volume 2 digs much deeper into the Fab Four catalog.

BeatlesTest™ Vol. 2 – Deeper Cuts will challenge your impeccably trained ear to identify lesser-known tracks from across the band's unparalleled 10-year ascent to the top of the mountain.

See how well you really know the world's most heralded and beloved rock band (from across the universe). Pull on your thinkin' cap – and away you go.

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BeatlesTest™ Vol. 2 – Deeper Cuts

This second BeatlesTest™ digs deeper – beyond the fan favorites – into one of the most magnificently textured catalogs in the rock pantheon. Be warned – this second volume of the BeatlesTest™ collection makes Volume 1 look like nursery school in Liverpool. Volume 2 challenges you to identify deep cuts from across the Fab Four's 10-year run to legend. Good luck and listen up – here we go!


A Day In The Life (1967)

When the transition occurs between the two songs we are totally unprepared, the shift so unpredictable, abrupt yet so smooth.

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Helter Skelter (1968)

Paul McCartney is one of the least likely candidates to win the title “Founder Of Heavy Metal,” but here he nabs the crown.

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Hey Bulldog (1969)

Filled with strange reflections and brain-teasing aphorisms, it surely is one of The Beatles' Grade A prime rockers.

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Hey Jude (1968)

Its power to amaze and move us continues well into the 21st century. An argument for love, peace and tolerance. What an achievement.

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I Am The Walrus (1968)

Aside from the famed title line, "I am the walrus," the song gives us nuggets like "I am the eggman," and "Goo-goo-ga-joob."

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