Can You Pass DylanTest™ Vol. 1 – Name That Tune?

by Peter Wendel
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BobDylanDeadTestVol1 SongMango.comThe DylanTest™ Vol. 1 focuses on identifying the songs of one of America’s most influential rock musicians. His early work gave voice to the social revolution and civil rights movement of the ’60s and ’70s. His music blended disparate genres, from folk to rock from gospel to country from jazz to English and Irish folk music. He was one of the original creators of what has come to be known as Americana.

It’s impossible to overstate Dylan’s impact on the world of music. He has influenced countless artists (and made them better) from The Beatles to The Byrds from Jimi Hendrix to Bruce Springsteen from The Grateful Dead to Counting Crows from Johnny Cash to Tom Petty. Dylan touched so many. He is the source from which so much music continues to flow.

Obviously, we will need additional volumes of the DylanTest to fully explore the life and times of the rock poet who gave America’s youth a voice when it needed it most. Please check by early and often as we will be administering more DylanTests in the coming days and weeks.


DylanTest™ Vol. 1 – Name That Tune

This first DylanTest™ focuses on identifying songs from America’s premier rock poet. Your ear will be challenged to identify Dylan’s songs through a variety of clues, including lyric references and audio clips of isolated instrumental or vocal passages. Good luck, folks! And remember – everybody must get stoned!



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